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ИСТОРИЯ НА КОНКУРСА „Нашите деца свирят Бах





Народно читалище „Никола Вапцаров -1866“набира желаещи за изучаване на международния език „Есперанто“.

Курсът е безплатен. Включва и обучение на професионални учители. Заниманията ще бъдат всеки понеделник от 18.00часа, в сградата на Читалището на 2 етаж.


Телефони за контакти : 0879/040403- Методи Марков























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Chitalishte / Cultural Center/ "Nikola Vaptsarov - 1866" of sity Blagoevgrad is a non-profit organization founded in 1866. It is the bigest in Southwestern Bulgaria and It is a self-Bulgarian cultural and educational organization and is built on the principles of democracy and voluntarism. The mission of the Chitalishte "Nikola Vaptsarov - 1866"- Blagoevgrad is to satisfy the needs of citizens related to: development and enrichment of cultural life, social and educational activities, preservation of customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people, especially local customs and traditions. Library holds regular activities related to expanding the knowledge of people and their adherence to the values and achievements of science, art and culture, education and affirmation of national identity, nurture a spirit of democracy, patriotism and universal morality, development of creative talents of the participants in operation of the library, providing access to information, create and maintain electronic information networks for providing information, providing conditions for the development of youth activities with which to meet the needs of young people. This is achieved by organization and conducting monthly and annual concerts, festivals, public presentations and information sessions, workshops, meetings and conventions of art directors and administraton. The purpose of the Chitalishte "Nikola Vaptsarov - 1866" Blagoevgrad is to create, preserve and disseminate spiritual values, develop creativity and satisfy the cultural needs of thecitizens and its interests, and to promote and organize cultural initiatives. Chitalishte "Nikola Vaptsarov - 1866" Blagoevgrad " support the activity of a several youth voluntary associations as Guitar-mandolin orchestra “Pirinski zvutzi”, Mixed choir “Alen mak”, City Children's Choir, Cheerleaders, Children's folk formation "Dzhumaycheta , Club of dance "Carat ", Literary club "Outbreak" etc.