Folk group

The authentic folklore, along with Bulgarian folk tradition is passed from our Centre from generation to generation to survive to today.
The aim of the Mixed Folk Group at the Chitalishte / Cultural Center/ "Nikola Vaptzarov "- Blagoevgrad is to keep forever alive the light of the oil lamp in the old Granny's house to remind us of the wisdom that won changes over time and our roots are part of a common Bulgarian traditions, illumined and warming our souls.
The folk group at the community center was established in 1962 for the first gathering of "Pirin pee" in the "Predela" region by a group of enthusts, headed by Stoyna Vakashinska. Since 1985 the group is directed by Margarita Petrova.
For the period from 1962 until today the group has had more than 1,500 individual and general concert performances, which demonstrates its vitality and necessity.
The Group is the contractor of folklore of  Blagoevgrad Municipality. The repertoire has more than 700 customs, stories, legends.
The folk group participates in fairs and singing competitions such as "Pirin pee", "Koprivshtitsa", " Iglikina polyana" Balkan Folklore Festival - "Balkan Folk" - Veliko Tarnovo, "Maleshevo pee i tancuva"- Mikrevo; Folk Fest "Pautalia" - Kyustendil and others.
The folk group at the Community center has been involved in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh folk festivals "Pirin pee" and has received 9 gold medals for the presentation of folk customs and 78 gold medals for individual performances.
In 1983 the folk group at the community center "N.Y. Vaptsarov" was awarded the highest award by the Ministry of Culture - / TSHS - Sofia / - Plaque of Merit in the search and promotion of authentic folk songs and customs, legends.
Folklore group headed  by Margarita Petrova continues its creative season with new artists and musicians and enriched repertoire of authentic songs, legends, riddles, sayings and humor.
Participation and awards
In July 2007 the folk group at the Community center participated and was awarded a Diploma for excellent performance for the annual celebrations in the village of Pastra. In October 2007 the group participated in the International Festival "Maleshevo pee I tancuva" in the Village of Mikrevo, Strumyani, where it was awarded a diploma for excellent performance.
In 19 February 2008 the women's folk group to participated in the Library program in solemn concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Library "Geo Milev" in Pastra, and in May of 2012 in Blagoevgrad municipality Folk Festival the group was awarded a diploma for the best performance.
From 2 to 19 May 2008  in Veliko Tarnovo was held the latest Stara Planina Festival "Balkan Folk" in which the Women's Folk Group was awarded an honorary diploma and award honorary sign of Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" as well as an honorary certificate for patriotic work. On 26 July 26 2008 the Women's Folk Group at the Community center took part in the X-th International Festival "Dokrovo-2008" and was awarded a letter of gratitude. The traditional festival "Struma pee I tancuva" - Nevestino the group won second place in the singing competition and an award for a excellent participation. In September 2008 the women's folk group at the community center took part in the "Boben Fest -2008 Raduil, Samokov and on 19 September in the folk festival in the village of Smochevo group took first place with a diploma and a prize DVD.
Participation in 2014 .:
- "Struma sings" -Nevestino / first prize /;
   -International Fair "Pautalia" - Kyustendil; -International Fair "Maleshevo sings and dances" with. Mikrevo general. Municipality.
Fairest of Babin day
• participation of the group in concert on the occasion of Palm Sunday in the quarter.
  - Participation of the group in the festival "Between three mountains" in the town. Bansko.
• participation in Folk Festival singing "Midsummer" Pernik
• participation in the 14th Folk Festival "Pirin Sings" 2014.
• participation in the fair "Singing Competition" - Sapareva Banya.