Children's folklore group "Dzhumaycheta"

Children's folklore group "Dzhumaycheta" at the Chitalishte "N. Vaptzarov 1866" was founded in 2009. Its purpose is to preserve and promote folk songs from the Pirin region among young people in the country and abroad. Under the leadership of Ivan Katsarski group quickly developed and found its place between the art formations of the Chitalishte "N. Vaptzarov 1866".
In the formation children learn folk singing in two age groups - from 6 to 12 years and 13 to 18 years. For its short existence, the group "Dzhumaycheta" has more than 50 appearances in various concerts and celebrations.
In addition to various concerts formation participated in divers festivals, including a series of awards:
 2010. - Second prize of the Children's Folklore Festival "Veselyache" - Kresna,
Encouragement and monetary award from the National Children's Day "Uncle Stoyan" - Divotino,
 2011. - Third prize for individual performance as Dimitrina Resinska in National Contest "Bread our" Second prize again at the Festival "Veselyache"- Kresna. Shouted, first place for individual performance and second place for the Municipal duet competition at SWU "N. Rilski" - Blagoevgrad
2012. - Duet Zhivka Chopeva and Theodora Katoncheva become laureates of "Pirin Sings", First place at the "Struma singing" - Nevestino for children from first age group
2013. - Encouraging prize and a plaque from the National Contest "For our bread"
In 2013. formation participated in the following festivals:
         -folkloren festival "Struma sings" - Nevestino
         - National Festival "our Bread"
           -children National Folk Festival "Sun is coming" 
In 2014. formation participated in the following festivals:
  National Festival "For our bread"
- Children National Folk Festival "Sun is coming"
- Competition "Stars in radio"
- Participation in the "Stars in radio" Radio Blagoevgrad
- Participation in the National Competition "our Bread"; Participation in the concert of the winners in the "Stars in radio";
- Participation in ethnic festival "Haskovo Mineral Baths"
- Award Plaque-diploma and a special prize in the vocal groups - Participation in the national competition "birds sing"