The beginning of librarianship in Blagoevgrad is placed before the Library was founded in 1866. The Public library was housed in a room at the school building in the yard of the "Vavedenie Bogorodichno" church. This we find out from a dispatch from 1862, signed by "A pinewood merchant".

Four years after the Community center was found. This fact learn from by newspaper "Turkey" of 22 October 1866.

In 1870 the newspaper "Law" of 21 August prints the special thanks from the management of the library to the monks of the Rila Monastery and Zograph Monestery for books they donated.

After restoring the activity of the Chitalishte / Cultural Center/ "Nikola Vaptzarov " 1913 with own and donated funds, the book collection of the library began to increase gradually, and in 1939 the number of books stored reached 4211.

During this period, the Library was mostly supported by donations. Noteworthy of mentioning is the name of in Ivan Conev who in 1913 donated 400 volumes and three luxury bookcases. We have records 96 books donated by Mihail Momtchilov in 1939. There is more evidence for donations in the press between 1929 and 1937.

Donations of books are becoming routine at the library. Many institutions and donors to the library today are Municipality Blagoevgrad, Macedonian Scientific Institute, Newspaper Group Bulgaria, some publishers and others.

In 1938, as a librarian was appointed Ilia Brachkov, who later became an actor at the Drama Theatre Blagoevgrad. With his appointment the Library started maintaining an inventory list, and first recorded book in it is "The Arabian Nights." Even today the library keeps copies of first editions of books by Ivan Vazov, George C. Rakovsky Brothers Miladinov Vaptsarov and the first translations of many Western classics and Russian authors. Also stored at the Library are a large number of valuable ancient books that represent bibliographic rarity. Pride for the Library is the fact it owns the "Slujebnik" – a manuscript with ecclesiastical Slavonic texts from the early sixteenth century.

In 1968, the Library began to expand. Today the library has 6 branches in the main districts of the city - Strumsko, Elenovo, Gramada, Varosha and downtown.

The first registered mass event, organized by the Library, was in 1939, when it organized " Bulgarian Books exhibition", attended by about 3200 people.

In November 1986 the Library established club "Friends of humor and satire." Club members are well known writers and poets from Blagoevgrad entertainers and performers of folk humor in texts and songs.

Under the club’s hospices were held memorable events with the participation of guests from Sofia and from all around Bulgaria. Club members participated in national competitions on Radio Radio Sofia and Blagoevgrad. Numerous meetings with writers, discussions of books, readers' conferences, quizzes have been organized.

The future of the Public Library in Blagoevgrad is associated with automation - a process, which has already begun and has been successfully developed. The library participates in projects to provide funds for the computerization of its activities.

To date the electronic catalogue of the Library includes 29 thousand records, and as of 2000 all books that arrive in the library are recorded in the catalogue directly. The book collection of the library at the end of 2007 includes 165,000 books. Electronic versions of the members’ files are maintained as well.

Remarkable is also the publishing of the Library. Issued bibliographies are very connected to the history of our city, to historical figures such as Georgi Izmirliev-Makedoncheto and library workers as Ivan Yakimov and Asen Kanturov. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Library, it prepared and published a bibliography "Na polzu rodu” containing books and materials published in print. Its second edition is currently being revised.