The guitar-mandolin orchestra "Pirin Sounds
Guitar-mandolin orchestra “Pirinski zvuci”
 The guitar-mandolin orchestra "Pirin Sounds" was founded in 1932 at the sweets shop "Kokiche" of Gorna Djumaya by a group of enthusiastic music lovers. These are Asen Tasev, Tasko Tasev, Vladimir Levkov Mincho Todorov Mois Avramov, Ivan Dermendjiev, Boris Harizanov, Georgi Dzhibrilovv, Pencho Penkov, Krum Gocev and Pericyl Markov. They call their group "Karbonari" / Italian "charcoal" /. Playing for fun they hardly thought that they would mark the beginning of a 75 year old creative life filled with love to string music, with performances around Bulgaria and Europe. In the late 30s the band was named after the Chitalishte / Cultural Center/  "Syglasie".
The activity of the band slows down until 1945 when it resumed again, and since 1954 the band has a female choir. This is when it was named "Pirin sounds." Guitar- mandolin orchestra "Pirinski zvuci" at the Chitalishte / Cultural Center/ "Nikola Vaptzarov "- Blagoevgrad is "Laureate" of III-I, IV-I, V-I, VI-I, VII-I National festivals of amateur art. It earned the title "Representative".
In 1982, on the occasion of his 50th birthday it was awarded the medal "Cyril and Methodius", the highest State award in the field of culture. The band won the First Prize and Gold Medal from the XI-th World Music Competition in the string orchestra in 1989 in the town of Kerkrade Netherlands, 3rd prize at the International Festival in Duren / Germany, March 2008. In 2009 the band made important contribution to the cultural life of Remiremont / France, where it participated in the International Festival of guitar mandolin music. Since 2010, the idea of Petyo Krastev launches a festival of string music in Blagoevgrad - "String Music" and in 2012. This festival represents a unique initiative for the establishment of national mandolin orchestras with the participation of musicians from guitar-mandolin orchestras from Pazardzhik, Petrich, Sofia, Sandanski.
Directors and Conductors of the guitar-mandolin orchestra "PIRINSKI zvuci"
On November 14, 2014 in the concert studio of Radio Blagoevgrad was held the fifth edition of the festival "Music of the strings." Was made and a presentation of the new album "Music of the strings" produced by the library and dedicated to the jubilee concert in the studio of Radio Blagoevgrad.
In m. December HMO "Pirinski sounds" are included in "Christmas Charity for Misho" -art evening in Largo Mall Blagoevgrad.
1. Asen Tasev and Mois Avramov / 1932-1935 /
2.Tasko and Ivan Tasev Dermendjiev / 1936-1942 /
3.Mihail Simeonov / 1945-1946 /
4.Georgi Neshev Slavtcho Lazarov Nikola Georgiev / 1953-1954 /
5.Hristo Kolarov, Veselin Garvanov Stefan Kounchev, Nikola Yanakiev / 1958-1963 /
6.Georgi Sterev / 1964-2002 /
7.Petyo Krastev / 2003 to today /