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Литературен клуб Огнище
Начало :: Еnsembles :: Athenaeum Ognishte

Литературен клуб Огнище

In m. In November 2013. had established Creative unification "XXI century" which members artists across Southwestern Bulgaria.
Presentation of books and authors in -2014.:
-Yubileyni Meetings Eftim Evtimov and Romagnoli Miroslavova. Presentation of their latest books.
-Presentation Of the books: "We children of Balabanov factory" and
, "Rila Railroad" by methods Panayotov.
-Sreshta With Boyka Asiova and presentation of the book "To Kill Stalin"
-Chetene Of the Creative union "XXI century 'and presentation of" Above Pirina dawn dawns' of Saska Serafimova.
-Presentation Of the book "Migavki" of Teodora peasant.
-Poetichen Portrait of Constantine Ikonomov.
-Presentation Of the awarded book of Maya Vaptsarova "Beggars".
-Presentation Of humorista Kalin Kalinov and his book "Diet dote"
-Presentation Poetry Magdalena Shumarova "Woman of the province"

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